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Our Eco Commitment

At Baked Candle Company, we are committed to doing better.

Doing better for our customers, ourselves and our planet.

So, how do we plan on "doing better"?

Recycling Cardboard


First and foremost, we are aiming to reduce the overall amount of waste we produce by reusing as much packaging materials as we are able to and also by finding smarter packaging solutions that will eliminate some waste. Secondly, as the need arises to reorder supplies, we are committing to constantly searching for replacements that are more sustainable options.


Our vision is to eliminate all consumer waste. We are working towards 100% of our packaging being reusable and or recyclable. Did you know, if you clean your candle jars and remove the label, you can recycle the glass jars the same way you would recycle your glass food containers?

Recycling Logo
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