YAY! Thank you for your interest in becoming a candle tester!


I'm sooooo excited for our FIRST EVER candle testing group! Why? Because I need your HELP! Your feedback is truly invaluable to me and I'm excited for you to test out some AMAZING new scents!

By completing the form below, you are applying to be a candle tester! Yay! 20 email friends will be selected and become our first candle testing group!


I'm guessing there will be more than 20 volunteers for this round and as we grow, I would LOVE to grow our testing groups as well. This time around, 20 applicants will be selected. Applications will be open all weekend long and on Monday, May 25, 20 candle testers will be selected!

Enter your info in the application here. NOTE: At this time, Participants must reside in Canada.

Thanks for applying!

If you are selected as a candle tester, I will send a Candle Tester package directly to you! Then, after a week of testing and providing feedback, you will receive an AMAZING discount code (my way of saying 'Thank you' for all your help) !